Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Victor Hugo

Why clean energy?

Destroying many ecosystems and natural species, polar ice melting, forest fires and reducing water resources in some areas, and famines caused by chastity, which unfortunately in recent years we can see the occurrence of them in different parts of the world, are its complications. Now it’s the time to show the human face of peacefulness to nature.

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Count on the sun!

Fortunately, Iran is located in high radiation areas and has a very high potential for using this endless power source. In recent years, with the support of the government and guaranteed purchase of electricity from private sector manufacturers with reasonable prices and conditions, this possibility has come about so that everyone can make a lucrative and long-term business by installing solar panels and this also helping to preserve the environment.

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Pars energy

Our philosophy is simple in this company. We believe that the use of renewable energy should be affordable, with the highest quality and accessible. Our customers are environmental ambassadors, therefore is our ethical duty is to offer the best solutions for them with accuracy and obsession, to bring a significant amount of experience of solar energy for them.

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Residential package

This package includes systems ranging from 1 to 20 Kw, which requires an area of 10 to 200 square meters. The guaranteed power purchase rate in this kind of systems is 0.07 USD and has the highest rate compared to the other two packages. The goal of this rate is to encourage people to generate electricity in a scattered way to help generating revenue for small units to reduce casualties across national networks. This package is suitable for residential houses, apartments, offices and schools.

Commercial package

The package includes systems ranging from 21 to 100 Kw and the required area for installation is about 200 to 1000 square meters. The guaranteed power purchase rate for these systems is 0.06 USD. These systems can be used to prevent unauthorized use of the premises, such as the roofs of factories, universities, shopping centers and hospitals, in order to prevent the outages of devices and machines.

Industrial package

The package includes systems ranging up to101 Kw. The required space for the construction of each megawatt of the solar power station is 2 hectares, and the guaranteed purchase rate for these types of systems is 0.04 USD. Exported electricity from these systems is one of the best investment opportunities currently available to the private sector. Increasing the country's power generation capacity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing water use in electricity production is one of the main goals of these systems. Location of solar power stations are subordinate to various conditions and factors. In general, natural resources and near-postal land can play a key role in land selection.

Solar equipment

Nowadays, there are highly functional solar equipment that can be used without the need for an electricity network. Solar water pumps in agricultural fields or solar water heaters on roofs of houses, urban solar lighting systems in parks and roads, solar stoves or solar chargers are among these products.

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Message of CEO

Message of CEO

Partners Message | 2019-04-07 00:00:00

Hello dear fellows, At first, on behalf of the Tida Pars Energy Group, I condolence the loss of o...

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آیا استفاده از پنل های خورشیدی برای مصارف ِ خانگی به صرفه است؟

آیا استفاده از پنل های خورشیدی برای مصارف ِ خانگی به صرفه است؟

Renewable Energy, Solar Energy | 2018-11-17 12:58:58

تا چند سال پیش استفاده از سوخت های فسیلی خیلی ارزون و مقرون به صرفه بود،اما اگه بخوایم از آلودگی که...

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همه چیز در موردگازهای گلخانه ای

همه چیز در موردگازهای گلخانه ای

the environment | 2018-11-17 12:58:39

گازهای گلخانه ای موجود در جو زمین شامل بخارآب ، دی اکسید کربن ، متان ، اکسید نیتروژن و اوزن هستن. پر...

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تازه ترین محصولات خورشیدی

تازه ترین محصولات خورشیدی

Solar Energy | 2018-11-17 12:57:40

هرساله در دنیا محصولات خورشیدی جدیدی تولید و عرضه می شه که سرشار از نوآوری و ابتکار هستن . این وسایل...

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The children of the earth

Painting provides many opportunities for children to train and learn. Ask your child to draw the nature, environment, clean energy, or any other related subject, and receive a gift from us.

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